Personal Injury Rules and Laws in Florida

Personal Injury Rules and Laws in Florida

In case if you are suffering from a serious injury due to an accident in Florida, the chances are that you may need to file a case for insurance claims in the area. Before that, it is important to know the variety of rules, regulations, and laws that are related to personal injury cases.

Well, there are so many things that one need to understand after getting a personal injury insurance policy. This information can help you make the right decisions at tough times and you can expect desired claims from the insurance companies.

Go through the details below to know more about personal injuries rules and laws in Florida:

Deadlines for filing the case in Florida:

Like most other states, Florida also follows a set range of deadlines for filing claims for personal injury cases. You may file the case against a business or some person that is legally responsible for your injury. As per Florida State Law, victims can file the personal injury cases within four years right from the date of the accident. When the case is not filed within this time limit, the court may refuse to take it further for processing.

Comparative negligence law in Florida:

There are many cases when the person on which you are going to file the personal injury case may refuse for the claims while saying that it was all your mistake that causes an accident. Note that, if you share some fault for the injuries that you are suffering, the court will reduce that much percentage from the claim while paying back the amount to the victim. Moreover, if you try to settle the matter with the insurance company outside the court, without lawyers, the chances are that they will raise the negligence rule to reduce the settlement amount.

No-Fault car insurance laws in Florida:

For car accidents in the state of Florida, one may also need to consider no-fault car insurance laws. You are not authorized to hold the driver liable for certain car accident until it causes some serious injury to you. Hence, minor cases of injury are often rejected in this case. You may need to take help from experienced personal injury law firm such as Lyons Snyder to present your case under this law. They may help you to highlight the positive sides of your case so that you can avail claims on time.

Damage caps for injury cases in Florida:

As per the damage cap rules, there is a set limit of the amount that insurance company is liable to pay for personal injury cases. You may need to consider them in advance by taking help from a trusted personal injury lawyer. However, these experienced people know how to represent the positive sides of the case to maximize the claim amount.

It is better to stay up to date about all changes and amendments to the personal injury laws in the state. This information can help you better to get the right assistance at the time of personal injuries and pains.